Testimonial Brian & Delyn | NorthSide

We decided to build a new home and were having difficulty finding what we liked, until we came and saw Kingston Homes. This is the first time we’ve built a house, and we didn’t want to go with a builder who had a reputation for having to come back and fix a lot of things.


First Impressions

When we met Chris, we felt a lot more confident about building a new house. He’s very New York, and since we lived in New York, we immediately had a bond with him. We just loved his frankness and no-nonsense but kind of fun personality.

No Last Minute Surprises

We were concerned about some of the financial aspects and worried about surprises, costs, and overruns. Chris answered our questions really well. At each point in reviewing the contract, he provided in-depth conversations so he could get a better feel for what the expenses could be based on our decisions. If you choose option A, it’s probably going to come in at this cost versus option B at this cost. So, we never felt like we were surprised.

Exceptional White-Glove Service

You know you’re paying for a top-quality product with the white-glove handling you get working with Kingston Homes, Chris, and the team. And we think that’s one of the things that makes their process really easy. It’s not a cookie-cutter house. If you want to make a change, you make a change, and Kingston makes that happen for you.

Designing Your Custom Home with Kingston Homes

The design process was actually easier than we thought it was going to be. Being more of an engineer brain and less artsy, we couldn’t really envision what our home would look like. And we remember walking into the hard surfaces meeting, saying, these are the things we don’t like, but we have no idea what we like.

Kingston Homes has very professional people who are very good at their jobs. When we arrived at our selection meeting, the consultant had some examples of things that she thought we would like, and we were like, yes, no, yes, no, done. It was great.

Living in Your Kingston Home

When you choose to build a new house, you hear all these horror stories from other people about, well, we can’t ever get the builder out there to fix the things they should have fixed the first time.

We’re very happy with the quality of our home. The warranty department responds to literally every tiny little thing we’ve complained about, and we have had very few things to complain about. Usually, if I say, hey, you know, this isn’t really that important, could wait within a week, you know, it’s fixed.

Would You Recommend Kingston Homes?

Since we’ve built our house, people have asked us who we built with, and we say Kingston Homes. I’ve had several people say that if they ever build a house, it will only be with them. So good job, Kingston.

Brian and Delyn built their home in the NorthSide community and moved in July 2023. We are grateful to them for sharing their experience and choosing Kingston Homes as their builder.